Problem solving is our motto. What often breaks up a long term relationship is when hardship arises, the involved parties all get into ready-pose of strapping on a pair of Nikes, off goes the game of ball-kicking.

It's only once in a blue moon you'll see one of us gets frustrated, yanks the receiver off the rack, storms off with all the cables dangling on the floor. Yet the very next afternoon, it's back on the shelf, symmetrically lined-up, cables hidden behind, and the image and audio both come back on on the right input.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, we deliver our work with passion, patience, and a touch of forced humor that we think is fun for all.

Our Services

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Hi-Fi Stereo

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Home Theater Design & Install


VR Integration



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Acoustic Treatment

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SMART & TV Mirrors


Multi-Room Music


Smart Home

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Outdoor Audio


Home Theater

Television | Projector | Receiver | Speakers


Lifestyle Audio

Headphones | Wireless Speaker | Portable Player


Hi-Fi Stereo

Speakers | Streaming | Turntable | Amplifier


Cables & Accessories

Cables | Power | Acoustics | Furniture