The Other 5/10 - How we select products


Our 5/10 Philosophy carries on…

One can only be a master of one or two things. Klipsch may be among the best at making efficient loudspeakers, but not so much a competition against McIntosh on high powered amplifier. Know the 5/10 that the company is good at, and look elsewhere for the other 5/10.

We collect personal experience of as many audio equipment as we can, that includes reaching out for evaluation units from different companies, communicating with industry experts, attending audio shows, watching gazillion YouTube videos, and occasionally freeloading rich friends’ demo sessions at local dealerships. We don’t slack on technology trends either, not leaving ourselves behind is being responsible of not leaving our customers behind.

Similarly, No matter how wholeheartedly a manufacturer tries to perfect every product in their line up, to make economical sense, there needs to be compromises. A trickled-down integrated amplifier using the same technology as the flagship separates, for example, is what we vouch for. Rule of thumb: 5/10 between the top and entry model is usually the sweet spot. If it so happens there are only 4 models available, use your wallet to judge between 2nd and 3rd.

So, if you see we skipped a few models on Cambridge Audio, that’s by design to present our best recommendation. Email us if you disagree and want the flagship, we have access to them all.