The 5/10 Philosophy

Image by steveskelton

Image by steveskelton

We're glass half full, ergo 5/10.

Half the fun, with half the money, may just be perfect.

5/10 + 5/10 = 10/10. See, it's math, must be right.

A 5/10 million dollar Supercar sitting in a garage is no fun, driving it off a skyscraper into another is too much fun. Conversely, modding a $5,000 car with $5,000 worth of parts may be fun, but it still won't catch a Ferrari.

Before getting carried away, my point here is: balance, or balance within balance.

Let me explain: there are 2 outcomes after buying something, either you enjoy it or you don't. The amount of money spent on this purchase is either "not worth it" or "totally worth it". Cross-referencing, we get:

  1. "I enjoy it + totally worth it"

  2. "I enjoy it + not worth it"

  3. "I don't enjoy it + totally worth it"

  4. "I don't enjoy it + not worth it".

Our product selection is confidently No.1 to begin with, from time to time we work with manufacturers on No.2 to offer the best promotions we can. We respect groups of No.3 and wish them the best luck; and we guarantee a solution to any No.4.

Don't be cheap, spend enough to enjoy luxury and quality, but not with your future kids' college fund. 

We also have a 5/10 formula for evaluating audio products, but that's a mind-twisting math tale for another day...