New at Funall Audio - Rega Research UK

Images by Rega Research, edited by Funall Audio

Images by Rega Research, edited by Funall Audio

Founded in 1973 by Tony Relph & Roy Gandy, Rega Research has a well established reputation in the audio industry for over 40 years.

90 Employees making 2,000 turntables alone every month in Rega’s Essex, England facility, yet they spend $0 dollar on marketing because every penny goes into product R&D. Old school word-of-mouth quality at it’s best. Hell, even Funall Audio spends $70 (Canadian) for flyers and door hangers every month, and how we wish 1 out of 100 million people know who we are.

Rega is also an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier for other audiophile companies, building turntable parts and/or variants branded under their own names.

All these translate into a few things: they know what they are doing, so much so other professionals hire them to do their jobs for them; their low-key, down-to-earth business mission means consumers are paying only for the extraordinary performance and confidence of Rega products, no other.